Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Grow Light Kit, Horizon Flash Wing Reflector (18" x 18"), 250w MH Bulb, 250w HPS Bulb, 250w Digital Ballast, Light...

Grow Light Kit, Horizon Flash Wing Reflector (18

Gotham Hydroponics is proud to offer our most popular grow light products as a "Kit". By purchasing Reflectors, Ballasts, and Bulbs together in a single sale, you receive a Kit discount, as well as saving on combined shipping costs. Every component in each of our HID lighting kits has been selected and tested to meet our exacting quality standards. We only select the highest quality components and stand behind them 100%. If you have any questions about our HID Lighting Kits, please call us - 845-504-5723

  • Horizon Flash Wing Reflector (18" x 18")
  • 250w Digital Ballast - UL Listed
  • 250w MH & HPS Bulb
  • YoYo Light Hangers
  • Analog Timer


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